Revitalash advanced is an ophthalmologist-made eyelash serum. If you care about the health and appearance of your lashes, this is the product to pick. It strengthens, nourishes, and revamps broken lashes. Did you know that your eyelashes start growing before you are born? Additionally, our lashes fall off and regrow every five months. And every day, we lose about 1-5 eyelashes.

Finding the best product to sustain this whole process can be a real hustle. That is why revitalash advanced is made especially for you. Apart from your eyelashes protecting your eyes, they also add a great beauty statement to the eyes when treated right.

How Revitalash Advanced Works

This eyelash serum is hypoallergenic and suitable for any type of user. It is vegan-friendly and doesn’t contain any oils.

To buff up your eyelashes, you need to apply a thin strip of the serum on your eyelashes above the lash line. Apply it daily for better results. It is free of irritants and doesn’t attract the daily dirt we run into.

97% of keratin and 3% of water are the key components making up our eyelashes. These are the same components the manufacturers use in this gluten-free product.

There is an applicator brush within the package. And the serum works on both natural and artificial lashes. When choosing artificial lashes, there are few factors to consider. Here is a list.

How to Find The Best Lashes

Pick Lashes That Suit the Shape Of Your Eyes

Go for lashes that suit your natural lash color. Also, go for the black eyelash glue. If you do white, it may show beneath the lashes to give you a lousy appearance

For first-timers, go for lighter false lashes. Heavy ones may weigh your lids down and give you a gloomy look. Additionally, they will ruin your makeup quite easily

Go for small-sized artificial eyelashes. Large ones will be bulky, and you have to trim them, which usually goes wrong

People who have long but scattered lashes want to fill them up. They should use lash patches instead of full lashes. This fills up the missing points and gives you a more uniform look

Remember to use a good serum on your eyelashes. Revitalash advanced is an example of a perfect lash serum. It does not leave build-up in your lashlines.

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