I was recently asked to speak on the seemly neverending “hot” topic of technology trends at the university I had obtained my bachelor’s degree from in the UK, and I think it would be well served to make my thoughts on this more widely available.

Year in year out, or in some cases many times a year, we are blessed with an abundance of technology that is being developed in order to improve our lives by simplifying or solving our problems. From a business standpoint, I feel it is essential that emerging tech trends are documented and evaluated so a business can leverage this in order to drive them forward.

In recent years we have seen the rise of blockchain cryptocurrency, various alternative methods of marketing and cloud-based systems, and 2018 doesn’t look too dissimilar. Here are my personal views on which technology trends in 2018 your business should be looking out for and being prepared to take advantage of.

  1. Augmented Reality

While some may point to the competition between virtual and augmented reality, I personally think there is no reason why they cannot both be successful in their own right. The is enough room for both so why focus on their differences?

I believe that some way along the line AR and VR will be essential components for a successful business. Take for example the way meetings are currently held. Many are held within a meeting room, discussing topics that would be better understood in a relevant environment. The use of meeting management software is an effective way of gathering attendees together, but the wouldn’t it be great if instead of congregating in boardroom, an architecture firm for example, could meet in virtual reality around the prospective projects they are creating?


  1. 5G Technology

What is the next logical step up from 4G (LTE)? 5G obviously! Think of the huge difference the leap from 3G to 4G made and this will be even more significant. Given our reliance on the internet, and especially the growing Internet of Things (IoT)— everyday objects connected to the internet, we are soon to see data being moved like never before. Multigigabits of data being transported just as megabites currently are, will contribute to huge technological developments. Telecoms providers and electronics companies are certainly developing infrastructure and products in order to provide this to us, and in my opinion there is no way it cannot succeed.

  1. Wireless Charging

While 2018 may be too early for wireless charging of devices to become the norm, I have no doubt that in the near future we will no longer be leashed to a power source in order to charge up. Wireless charging is already available on mainstream products such as the new Samsung Galaxys and Apple iPhones, but even those need to stay in contact with a charger. Soon enough, I believe charging devices over the air will become mainstream thanks to wireless charging technology from companies such as Powercast.

I truly believe that these three trends will continue to grow this year and beyond, considering that they are providing a genuine service and benefit to many industries. The success of these trends is deeply reliant on each others success, and this therefore why I believe these are what are most likely to succeed.

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