Whether you are just starting out dropshipping, or you are a veteran and know your way around Shopify and Oberlo like the back of your hand, you should always be on the lookout for the next big product or trend. There are many ways that you do this, such as Google Trends and analysing the most popular hashtags on social media.

By being one of the first sellers when you notice a product trending, this allows you to source the product and build a brand around it, and by the time others jump on the bandwagon, you will have already reaped the benefits of starting earlier. Trends can emerge very quickly, especially thanks to the influence of social media, so it is imperative you are always on the lookout for new ones if you want to keep finding new sources of income through dropshipping. Below, we take a look at the top trending products to dropship in 2019.

1) Raincoats

With more and more people packing their bags and heading off all over the world every year, combined with more unpredictable weather, raincoats are becoming a very popular option for dropshippers to focus on. At the moment, more so raincoats for women rather than men, are trending, and will certainly be a popular gift for Christmas.

2) Portable humidifier

These are becoming popular for a few reasons: they are relatively small and convenient to move around, they look great, and they are affordable. Like the raincoat, this is also preparing to be a very popular gift for Christmas and rightly so. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and work in a variety of settings. This is looking like a great product to stock and build a brand around.

3) Bluetooth speakers with wireless charger

Nowadays, many current speakers will come with bluetooth connectivity as a standard, however, with the increasing use of wireless charging for mobile phones, bluetooth speakers that also double up as a wireless charger are becoming increasingly popular. The convenience of being able to leave your phone lying on the device that is also playing music, without the restriction of cables, makes this a very popular gift and one that dropshippers should consider adding to their product list.

4) Rechargeable battery pack

While our mobile devices today are becoming more energy efficient and equipped with bigger battery capacity, they are also becoming much more advanced and complex. This poses the never ending question from the consumer over why battery life never seems to get better. For now, however, the best way to deal with it is to invest in a rechargeable battery pack that can give you at a few full charges at least. There are many options on the market, and there is also a seemingly never ending demand for them, making them one of the top trending products to dropship at the moment.

5) Custom reusable water bottle

We all know the environmental and financial benefits of using a reusable water bottle over constantly buying single-use ones, but with the market being so saturated, how can brands stand out? The answer – to offer customisable bottles. You will see an increasing amount of sellers offering custom designs and engravings on bottles to make them stand out from the rest. A very popular product to put on your site!

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